Vigtig information: Datatab i NAV 2013R2

Hvis man I ens drift database med aktive brugere i databasen, laver objektændreringer eller kompilerer alle objekter i NAV 2013 R2 kan det medføre tab af data. 

Important Information: In a live database with active users connected, changing an object multiple times or compiling all objects can cause data loss in NAV 2013 R2
You may experience data loss in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 in the following situations, separately or in combination:
  • Changing an application object more than once, for example by two different developers, in the same database connected to the same Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance while users are working in the system.
  • Compiling all application objects, and thereby potentially changing objects more than once, in a database that is connected to a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance that users are accessing.
To avoid the problem, we advise that you work according to the following best practices:
  • Application developers must be working on their own database and connect to their own Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance. When you deploy changes to the live production database, make sure that no users are working in the system.
  • You must compile objects only when no users are working in the system, including users connecting through NAS. 
With the next update rollup for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, this issue will be fixed and you do not have to take the precautions described above. However, we still advise that you separate development from production databases.
For existing deployments, KB 2934571 has been released to solve this problem. Please note that implementing KB 2934571 will require a database conversion.
Kontakt Skanderby A/S for hjælp til indlæsning af denne hotfix/rettelse.
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