Frigivelse af Jet Enterprise 2014 Service Release 1

Jet Reports har netop annonceret frigivelsen af Jet Enterprise 2014 Service Release 1 (SR1). 
Der er tilføjet en række værdifulde nye funktioner og væsentlige forbedringer ydeevne til BI platformen. Hvilket bl.a. har gjort at Jet Enterprise er fuldt kompatibelt med NAV 2015 . 
Højdepunkterne i denne udgivelse omfatter:
  • NAV 2015 Support: Jet Enterprise is fully compatible with NAV 2015 to ensure a seamless upgrade path.
  •  Enhanced Execution Packages: you can leverage multi-threaded execution plans to maximize existing hardware resources and turbocharge performance. This includes an automatically created optimal execution plan for your BI environment to guarantee the most efficient delivery of data to you.
  • SQL Server 2014 Support: Jet Enterprise is fully compatible with SQL Server 2014. This includes enhancements for Columnstore index support, advanced security configurations, and automatic index creation to ensure optimal performance. 
  • Optimized Package Automation: Execution of our packages have been optimized to ensure maximum performance and increased flexibility when it comes to time-critical reporting. 
  • Expanded Advanced Dimension Editor Support: The Advanced Dimension Editor has been expanded to support the new Advanced Dimension Structure in NAV 2013 and NAV 2015. This enables users to easily incorporate and optimize unlimited advanced dimensions into their reporting environment quickly and easily.
  • Execution Statistics: Valuable information about the health of your execution packages is now captured. Easily identify areas to optimize as your data volumes and reporting needs grow over time, including Gantt style charting. 


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